Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bounce bounce! As I jump so high I can tach(touch) the sky!Suddenly!I  felt the pan(pain) in my hip so I decided to sit down and have a rest for a minute. After I jumped up and I  to the balls mum tort(taught) me have(how) to roll over in a big ball. It was scary the first time but when I got yost(used) to it I kept doing it if I got stuck mum would help me.I found a friend and we  sprinted to the foam and did flips into it.Next I went to the climing (Climbing) wall and jump of the side of the banse(bouncy) casil(castle).Nexe I went to the rase  I rast(raced) my frened(friend) and I maed it araned the bouncy castle twice and wan(won) the rase. After mum came and told me it’s time to go home now so we went to the car and I said thank you for taking us.

I worked hard to put in lots of detail and I soundid it all out. My challenge was poting(putting) in the
sentence starter with the sentence ladder. I love the way I started my writing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time there lived a girl and she was 8 and a boy that was 7  cod (called) Hansel and Gretel and a men (mean) stepmom. She looks like a mum (who) has just fallin into a pile of dog poo in levs (leaves) and her clos (clothes) just look like mud.One day the men (mean)mum mad (made)the dad tac the 2 kids into the forest but Hansel fan (found)papils (pebbles)on the ground so he grab them and when the dad was wocing (walking)hansel drop them on the way.In the mooning the dad was gon but Hansel got Gretel and they folod the glowing papils (pebbles).
On the way thay fand(found) a chooklite(Chocolate) home with shiny lollys and lolly pops and Hansel and Gretel went to eat the home … a men witch with a wot on her ponty nose lives there and put them in a caj (cage).They had to do lots of chores for the mean witch.The next day they heard something in the booshis and it was a posin(person) looking for them.It was their dad looking for them to take home and get them into good clen(clean) shos and wom and safe.So the dad chuks the mean witch in the fier and she smells like rotin eggs so she can neve hert ene(any) one agan.

I have been managing my distractions so I can do my best writing and I chose a good place to work.
I am proud of my writing because I worked had to get better at my sounds.
Something that challenged me was sounding my words out.
I did a good job on detaIl and dsciving(describing) the characters.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Do you celebrat matariki ?
I had matariki in Totara.  I made tears with the green and the blue was the background. This is a tukutku pattern.It was so hard but I finished that day because I managed my distractions and it was hard.I cept my eyes on the bord(board).

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bossy e

I am learning abate the magic E.It makes it say it name.And it tricks you because you cant see it in a word only if you look closly (closely). It triks (tricks) me in  books. I am geting(getting) beta (better) at noticing them in words. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

I am poem

I am…
Success Criteria
Use a thesaurus to choose the best vocabulary
Choose the best nouns for the poem
Choose the best adjectives to describe some nouns
Leave the reader thinking about your poem by sharing what it inside you

I am a good learner  
I wonder if I could be marvellous at learning
I hear steve my kitten meowing  
I see kindness
I want to be a hip hop danser
I am good at reding(reading) books
I pretend to be a baby ber and go rar
I feel like I am in the sciy (sky) with pretend wings  
I touch my tedys(teddies) er (ear) when I go to bed
I worry adat(about) losing my haer (hair)
I cry when I fit with Cooper
I am a good learner
I understand I need to lisin (listen)
I say great things to my ferns
I dream of hip hop
I try my best
I hope I can be a good learner  

I am a good learner

I have been learner to do my own woke at school. Sometheing that has challenge me is wot was hard. It was hard to no wot is about me.I am proud of my woke(work) because I have got good werds(words).

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Camp Omatua

It was yum
   Ella is having fun withe Katie and Cahlia.

My favourite thing at camp was making my  (tea) because
I love cooking.

 It is me at the pool jumping.\

It's me and my friends.

Keisha and Ashley and Kali are making a bag at camp actives (activities).  
Something that challenged me was making the backpacks and the skipping rope activity because we had to solve the problim (problem) to make it fit on a person.
Me and Ella at the river.